Lynx 220LYA and Lynx 220LYC Arrive

Increased capacity continued….

We took delivery of the new Doosan 220LYA machine in November 2017, Mills CNC & David Watson Transport kindly assisted with a machine shuffle around to help us utilise the new space we had created by having the 1,100 sq ft mezzanine floor installed. Although still under construction at this stage, the new machine was positioned and commissioned quickly and then the mezzanine ceiling was finished a couple of days later including LED ceiling lights which are pure ‘daylight’. This first machine is a 51mm through spindle barfed machine with Y axis and driven tools increasing our capacity on smaller complex components.

The start of April 2018 saw the delivery of the second new Doosan 220LYC machine. This machine has a 65mm through spindle barfed machine with Y axis and driven tools. This complements the smaller 51mm spindle machines we already have, and adds greater flexibility and capacity to the ‘small turning cell’ we have created. As these are all Doosan machines we can share tooling and programs between them which helps us remain competitive on small batches and set ups.