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Closed on Monday 19th Sept 2022

To honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we will respectfully be closed on Monday 19th September 2022 as we join the nation in gratitude for her many years of constant, devoted service and allow our people to pay their respects at this time.

Our normal service will resume on Tuesday 20th Sept.

Read all about our recent machine investment

Read all about our recent 3 new machine investment

Another new machine!

August brings another new machine day, replacing a Doosan 220LM with our third Doosan 2100LYA in line with our continuous investment plan and improving our capacity to our customer base.


Heatwave - work continues!

On the hottest days of July, we are getting new cranes installed! Painted in our 'MJ' blue, looking fantastic!

New Doosan machines in April

A busy and tiring day but all in! The electricians are working over the weekend and the compressed air connections were done this afternoon. Commissioning on Monday, making parts on Tuesday next week. Well done to all involved.

Official Mince Pie Results

Wait no longer the scores are in!

Yes the much anticipated Mince Pie results have now been correlated and verified by our expert taste panel. This year we have pushed ourselves even further to bring you the most comprehensive list so far. Forget "Good House Keeping Guide" this is where it is at. 92 mince pies tasted in the last few weeks (not bad as normally there are only 4 of us).



Oops He Did It Again

In line with our policy of continual investment in the latest technology for MJ Engineering Limited our MD David, Works Manager Paul and Richard, one of our Skilled Engineers,  went to view a new Doosan Puma 2600YII machine at Mills CNC Head Office and Technology Campus in Leamington Spa last week.

After a demonstration and a few technical concerns were raised and satisfied, Paul and Richard decided what additional tooling was required. David negotiated a deal and the order was placed. After a celebratory bacon sandwich and a couple of cups of tea David mentioned that we also had been thinking about an additional small (in footprint) machine. This very quickly escalated to another Lynx 2100LYA machine with another barfeed (the same as the last two machines we had in November 2017, March 2018). We really shouldn’t let David go and look at new machines!

In short we have another two machines on order, scheduled for delivery later this month to further increase our capacity and satisfy our existing order book. This brings the investment in new machinery to over £800,000 in the last 4 years, not bad for a small engineering company in Market Harborough!

Here is a promotional video of the Puma 2600YII

Here is a promotional video of the Lynx 2100LYA

And So It Begins

Watch this space for this years definitive 2018 Mince Pie Taste Test!

The Future Is Bright

In September 2012 we moved into our purpose built new factory, at the time we installed 30 x T5 twin batten lights, they were supposed to be very efficient and bright….. unfortunately we have also found them to be very unreliable! After replacing a few complete units, others then broke in the same way. We decided enough was enough and replaced them all with new LED lighting. The results are fantastic, as with all LED lighting it is extremely energy efficient, they do not produce any heat and they are also IP65 rated so will be protected from any oil contamination in the air. Good lighting is extremely important when working and reading engineering drawings making components with tight tolerances. The new LED lighting complements the clean factory and white walls, further improving working conditions for our skilled team.

Lynx 220LYA and Lynx 220LYC Arrive

Increased capacity continued….

We took delivery of the new Doosan 220LYA machine in November 2017, Mills CNC & David Watson Transport kindly assisted with a machine shuffle around to help us utilise the new space we had created by having the 1,100 sq ft mezzanine floor installed. Although still under construction at this stage, the new machine was positioned and commissioned quickly and then the mezzanine ceiling was finished a couple of days later including LED ceiling lights which are pure ‘daylight’. This first machine is a 51mm through spindle barfed machine with Y axis and driven tools increasing our capacity on smaller complex components.

The start of April 2018 saw the delivery of the second new Doosan 220LYC machine. This machine has a 65mm through spindle barfed machine with Y axis and driven tools. This complements the smaller 51mm spindle machines we already have, and adds greater flexibility and capacity to the ‘small turning cell’ we have created. As these are all Doosan machines we can share tooling and programs between them which helps us remain competitive on small batches and set ups.

Up To The Challenge

MJ never shy away from a challenge!

Our friends at Maylan ‘threw down the gauntlet’ for an inter-company Go-Karting event last week. It was incredible to see virtually all staff turn out, whether to race or act as our support ‘cheer’ team.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves; many accomplishing a personal achievement in trying something they wouldn’t have done otherwise. There were smiles all round in the bar after, with plenty of banter and everyone eager for the next event…

Mince Pie Scores 2017

Nothing is too much for our customers, we always strive to give you the best possible service. After the success of last year’s taste panel you asked if we could publish the results earlier, in time for this year’s shopping trip. You asked, we listened.  As difficult as it was to eat all those mince pies, we pushed through all of November eating mince pies with every cuppa to bring you the most comprehensive results so far. The results are listed in order.

 So now you can buy with confidence! Have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2018 from the MJ Team! 

New Mezzanine Floor Installed

MJ is moving up a level! We now have 1,100 sq ft of heavy duty mezzanine installed. We have moved most of the manual machines upstairs to clear space on the factory floor for the first of our new CNC lathes. The new level will also provide an assembly area and additional storage space.

 Here's a time lapse just for fun off one of our CCTV cameras.



Increased Capacity

As part of our continued investment, I am pleased to confirm we have recently purchased two brand new CNC machines from The first is a Doosan 220LYA (ready for delivery to MJ) and the second is a Doosan 220LYC (on order from the Doosan factory) both will be supplied with Hydrafeed bar feeds. These machines are compact and offer driven tooling with a Y axis and will be a great addition to our current Doosan small lathes and increase our small diameter turning capacity.

New Standby Air Compressor

May 2017

So this week we have taken delivery of a new standby air compressor. Since replacing our main compressor last year we decided to sell off our big bulky standby compressor to save space. Our new ABAC SPINN 1108 rotary screw compressor is nice and compact and will spend most of its time out of the way in the racking. But, should the day come when our main compressor decides not to work, we wanted you to know that it will not hold up production of your parts. The standby compressor can be dropped into place with quick couplings for power and connection to our air lines. 


2016 Mince Pie Scores


mince pie scores

 Here at MJ Engineering we always strive to give you the best possible service. So with that in mind we decided to share with you our 2016 mince pie scores, hoping to help you make the right choice of mince pies for Christmas 2017. It was difficult eating all those pies but we knew when you guys are pushing through the December queues at the supermarket you would appreciate our efforts.

 “Hmm, do I pay the extra and go for the luxury deep filled?”

Well now you can buy with confidence, take a look at our scores.

Panel members scored each category out of 10, we then averaged the score depending on how many tasters we had.You may notice that we sampled the Lidl 12 pack mince pies more than once, well we did this just to check the constancy of our scoring panel, honest! No points have been awarded or deducted to reflect price, so you will need to judge for yourself if you think the extra cost is worth it.

Maybe you will want to suggest other food items for us to try over the next few months. Our only stipulation is that they fall into the categories of:-

Cakes, Biscuits, Confectionary and absolutely no heathy options.

All the best for 2017

From the MJ Team

Anyone recognise these?


For those of you with a cupboard full of vinyl from a misspent youth you may recognise these. We are just finishing off a number of platters and bearings for some top end audio equipment. For our younger readers click on the link


The MTD Team Visit MJ

mtd interview

On Monday 13th June the MTD team came to film at MJ. They filmed our new Biglia B750 Lathe, Doosan DMN 650II Machining centre using Microloc work holding and our Twin Spindle Spinner lathe. We snapped a picture of David being interviewed. Apparently autographs opportunities will be made available at a later date!

Read more: The MTD Team Visit MJ

First Biglia B750 In The UK!


A new Biglia B750 was delivered to replace our Biglia B501-8 machine. The B750 is the first one in the UK and has a very powerful spindle. This offers massive torque to cope with machining some of the large exotic billets we often machine. The B750 also has a longer bed length than the older Biglia giving us more flexibility on certain jobs.

David explains more here..

New KIND Cabinets For Inspection


Our purpose built inspection department was finally completed with a range of KIND cabinets. These new cabinets can hold 150kg per drawer and this now gives us ample storage for all of our calibrated gauges in one central location. In addition these cabinets really enhance the appearance of our clean, temperature controlled, anti static floored inspection department. All that's left to do now is move all of the equipment back in!

More info can be found at: